Some Of Trump’s Allies In Congress Already Support His 2025 Ideas On Deportations And Jan. 6 Pardons

by LISA MASCARO at WASHINGTON (AP) — As Donald Trump campaigns on promises of mass deportations and pardons for those convicted in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol, his ideas are being met with little pushback and some enthusiasm by a new era of Republicans in Congress. It’s a shift from the first time around when […]

Joe Scarborough Called Out For Falsely Saying Trump Was ‘Convicted Of Crimes’ During Segment On Misinformation

by NICOLE SILVERIO at The “Morning Joe” panel Monday called out MSNBC host Joe Scarborough for saying former President Donald Trump was “convicted of crimes” Scarborough made the claim and later confronted panelist John Heilemann after Heilemann called Scarborough out. “And speaking of misinformation, you’re officially the ‘Morning Joe’ ombudsman, I’m just reading a […]

On The Rising Danger Of Democratic ‘Lawfare’

by Alex Berenson at The New York state fraud case against Donald Trump is absurd; and the White House now openly tells its operatives to defy Congressional subpoenas. Democrats seem blind to the risks they’re running. Even dictatorships have judges. Which doesn’t mean they have justice. Democrats appear ever-more enamored with “lawfare” — a […]

Stunning Testimony in the Mann v. Steyn Defamation Trial: Climate Alarmist Mann is Not Paying a Penny for his Army of Lawyers!

via “The left” is bankrupting voices on “the right” in lawfare defamation trials around the country. Multi-million-dollar defamation judgments have recently been imposed against Alex Jones, Rudy Giuliani, Ammon Bundy, and even Donald Trump.  And now, a twelve-year-old defamation lawsuit by climate activist professor Michael Mann against Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg has gotten […]