Joe Scarborough Called Out For Falsely Saying Trump Was ‘Convicted Of Crimes’ During Segment On Misinformation


The “Morning Joe” panel Monday called out MSNBC host Joe Scarborough for saying former President Donald Trump was “convicted of crimes”

Scarborough made the claim and later confronted panelist John Heilemann after Heilemann called Scarborough out.

“And speaking of misinformation, you’re officially the ‘Morning Joe’ ombudsman, I’m just reading a tweet from you from 6:03 so there’s at the top of the show. You said that I said Trump had been ‘convicted of crimes,’ correct? Did I say that?” Scarborough asked John Heilemann.

“I didn’t tweet anything, Joe, anywhere,” Heilemann said.

“No, no, no, no, you saying, though, I said that at the time of the show,” Scarborough said.

“Yes, earlier in the show you said I think about how Donald Trump can be convicted of crimes and I was trying point out to you that he had been indicted of crimes, but not convicted of crimes, that’s correct,” Heilemann said.