Kraken’ Lawyer Sidney Powell Completely Vindicated After Democrat Judges Dismiss Disciplinary Effort by State Bar of Texas

by Jim Hᴏft at Dallas attorney Sidney Powell, known for her vigorous legal efforts to challenge the fraudulent 2020 election on behalf of President Donald Trump, has been fully vindicated by an appellate court decision. The Fifth District of Texas Court of Appeals in Dallas, led by a three-judge panel, all Democrats, concluded that […]

Exclusive | China’s diplomats working abroad given a ‘very rare’ pay rise, sources say

by SCMP Reporters at Wages have gone up by more than US$1,000 a month regardless of location or rank, according to people familiar with the situationIt could be a bid to reassure diplomatic corps and suggests Beijing believes they have ‘more significant role to play’, analysts sayChinese diplomats posted to overseas missions received a […]

Electric car demand plunges across Europe

 by Paul Homewood at Electric car sales plummeted across Europe last month as demand dried up despite the EU’s push to ban petrol and diesel vehicles by the middle of the next decade. Sales of battery-powered cars dropped by 11.3pc as demand in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, plunged by 28.9pc, according to the European […]

“Columbia in Crisis” — University President Gets Caught Contradicting Herself On Campus Antisemitism

by Jane Coleman at A well-rehearsed Columbia University panel testified before the House committee investigating campus antisemitism this week, and, for now, it looks like they’ll all keep their jobs. The last time the House Committee on Education and the Workforce held hearings on campus antisemitism, it went badly for the presidents of Harvard, UPenn, and […]

Argentina files request to join NATO as a ‘global partner’

via Argentina has presented a letter of intent requesting to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as a “global partner,” Defense Minister Luis Petri announced Thursday morning in a post on X.  “We will continue working to recover ties that allow us to improve and train our [military] forces following NATO standards,” Petri […]

Aquapedia background

KLAMATH RIVER BASIN via The Klamath River Basin is one of the West’s most important and contentious watersheds. The watershed is known for its peculiar geography straddling California and Oregon. Unlike many western rivers, the Klamath does not originate in snowcapped mountains but rather on a volcanic plateau.  A broad patchwork of spring-fed streams and rivers in […]

Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles Karen Bass Wants Wealthy Residents to Buy Housing for Homeless People

by Mike LaChance at Cities around the country are dealing with a homelessness problem that has exploded in recent years. In Los Angeles, California, the problem is severe, with thousands upon thousands of people living in tents on sidewalks. Democrat Mayor Karen Bass has an idea for solving the city’s problem. She wants wealthy […]