BANANA REPUBLIC: Jury in Merchan’s Kangaroo Court Found Trump Guilty of 34 Felonies – But DID NOT SPECIFY What Crime Trump Committed – NO ONE KNOWS! (VIDEO)


by Jim Hoft at

The jury in corrupt Judge Juan Merchan’s kangaroo court found President Trump guilty of 34 felonies on Thursday afternoon. Each felony conviction could land President Trump in prison for four years.

Judge Merchan told jurors they did not have to agree on a crime. This is unheard of in US history. The jury only had to agree something bad happened. This, of course, is completely unconstitutional.

This was clearly the greatest travesty of justice in American history.

So now we have a convicted US President with 34 felony counts and NO ONE knows what crime President Trump committed!

The jury never explained what crime Trump committed and was not required to explain what crime Trump committed.