Intentional Denial: California Has Become a ‘De Facto’ State

by Thomas Buckley at

The high cost of housing, the lawless streets, the cities being a wasteland of the wasted, schools that teach kids how not to think but to just obey and repeat, the utility infrastructure teetering on the edge of collapse while its gets more expensive every day, the speech codes, the regulation, the disdain for everything that was perfectly normal just a few years ago.

Why is California doing these things to herself?

By the way – it’s not by accident.

Political power can result from a number of different strategies, including gaining power by addition or gaining power by subtraction.

In the past, California electeds and community leaders and such gained power by addition – better schools, more roads, more water, more houses, more international cultural influence.

The powers that were added to the state, in part because it’s the right thing to do but also because they knew it would help them personally.

Now, the interlocking cabals that control the state are gaining – and solidifying –  power through subtraction.  Look at almost everything happening in the state now and you will see less – less work, less housing, less infrastructure, less education, less of a sense of hope that tomorrow will be just fine. And it was that hope that propelled the state forward.

Of course, there are now more of lots of things but even those additions are just a different form of subtraction.

More crime? Less a sense of safety.

More regulations?  Less a sense of independence.

More government programs?  Less a sense of self-respect.

The powers that are have managed to make sure the state is lessened even when they are adding programs and projects and policies and plans.

The public did not vote for less; except when voting for less government that does not happen all that often, or ever, really.