New Light on the Battlefield of Ideals

N4mation.org was founded in early 2015 to serve as a Hub for Independent News & Dialogue, in order to allow free and uninhibited debate on every issue of importance to independent American voters and their families. This platform has always defended the Judeo/Christian values embedded in the US Constitution and has sought to educate citizens with relevant news stories, and by allowing dedicated citizen activist to provide clearly articulated positions on current events and political policies from the perspective of Independent voters that have not been allowed to participate in the exclusive clubs of the two major political parties controlling our futures.
We will now fully concentrate on serving news and information that supports the America First agenda, that respects the rights of all US Citizens to engage in open and robust debate on the issues impacting the lives and livelihoods in every community. Due to the enormous volume of pure propaganda presented by Mainstream Media, we will only elevate the voices of those citizens and groups that have been consistently censored, abused or shut out for seeking to organize local or national support for the critical issues.