When the Press Becomes Narc: CNN Outing UCLA Counter-Protestors

by Thomas Buckley at californiaglobe.com

In the aftermath of the January 6 Capitol riot, a call from federal law enforcement went out far and wide: help us identify who was there.

If you were a neighbor or a friend or an acquaintance of someone you knew was in Washington, DC on that day – the day that keeps on giving to the Democrats – you were asked by the FBI and such to let them know.

It didn’t matter if they had entered the building or not, whether or not they had been confrontational or destructive or not – just the fact they were in DC and a supporter of Donald Trump was enough, the public was told, to pick up the phone and turn them in with the crime to be determined later.

The media amplified this message, saying that all good and true Americans must do their part to quash any remnants of support for Trump – helping foil the insurrection and lending a hand to make sure anyone even remotely suspect receive – at the very least – a not very friendly from law enforcement to let them know they think wrong.

But what does it mean for our society when the media – CNN in this specific case – goes even further and itself starts reviewing tapes of events, investigating online, searching for record like phone numbers and home addresses, and scrutinizing social media to publicly identify potential “suspects” on their own?

Nothing good.

About a week ago, CNN published its “investigation” of the counter-protest skirmish on April 30.  People got hurt, the confusion over the presence, or lack thereof , of the police played a role in escalating the situation, and even the “all cops are bastards” pro-Hamas encampers who had taken over a large chunk of the campus complained that the police did not protect them.  

So CNN decided it would try to hunt down the pro-Israel protestors themselves, putting 13 people on a story headlined:  Unmasking counterprotesters who attacked UCLA’s pro-Palestine encampment 

A few days earlier, UCLA itself had announced that it was going to work with local law enforcement and Los Angeles County District Attorney to try to identify and track down the counter-protestors.  

Of course, there was no mention  by UCLA (or by CNN in its story) of trying to identify and punish the protestors themselves; as with the “mostly peaceful” riots of the summer of 2020, the protestors got a pass because their protests were, according to progressive ideology, appropriate and necessary and righteous.

But the idea of fairness and telling the whole story never seems to have occurred to CNN’s baker’s dozen of sleuths.  Here’s how the story begins:

A young man in a white plastic mask beats a pro-Palestinian protester. Another in a maroon hoodie strikes a protester with a pole. A local instigator pushes down barricades.  

Law enforcement stood by for hours as counter protesters attacked the pro-Palestinian encampment at UCLA on April 30, which erupted into the worst violence stemming from the ongoing college protests around the country over Israel’s war in Gaza. 

The piece goes on to describe clothing, names names, and even the hunt through the social media feed of relatives of the purported counter-protestors.