BREAKING: California’s 169 Delegates Awarded to Trump With 0% Expected Votes in!

by Jordan Conradson at

Donald Trump has been decisively declared the winner of the California GOP Presidential primary race and the 169 delegates.

President Trump was declared the winner in a twelfth-state moments after the polls closed in California at 11 pm ET.

Trump later soared to 73% of the vote when 35% of the results were in.

Trump’s RINO opponent, Nikki Haley, picked up just one win — hardly — in Vermont, where Democrats admitted to voting for her in the state’s open primary.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Biden-supporting Democrats in Vermont and likely other open primary states are voting for Nikki Haley in the open GOP Primaries despite having no plans to vote for her in the General Election this November.

Democrat Paul Somerset said, “I’m voting against Trump. I’m not voting for Haley” to “make Trump look weak.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, on what is arguably the most pivotal day in the race for the presidential nomination, Haley has returned to her home state with no public events slated for Super Tuesday evening.

Bill Melugin said on Fox it’s been “total radio silence” from the Nikki Haley campaign for the last four hours. She appears to have retreated to the basement after the massive embarrassment tonight.

Meanwhile, the 45th and 47th President, Donald J. Trump, celebrated with a massive Super Tuesday watch party at his Mar a Lago home.