Doritos Fires Trans Brand Ambassador After Tweet About 12-Year-Old Surfaces


Doritos, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, fired transgender artist Samantha Hudson as a brand ambassador for Spain on Monday after being alerted to a disturbing tweet involving a 12-year-old.

Over the weekend, Doritos Spain announced Hudson as a brand ambassador for its products and included Hudson in a 50-second promo called “Crunch Talks.” Hudson originally gained prominence through a YouTube channel that discussed beauty, travel, and lifestyle tips. On Monday, several X users alerted Doritos to past posts published in 2015 regarding a 12-year-old.

“I want to do thuggish things [to] a 12-year-old girl,” Hudson said in the original post translated from Spanish to English. Hudson, then 15 at the time of the post, said it was meant to be funny.

“In the middle of the street in Mallorca in panties and screaming that I’m a nymphomaniac in front of a super beautiful 8-year-old girl,” Hudson allegedly said in another post, per Newsweek.

In another post, Hudson appeared to mock sexual abuse survivors. “I hate women who are victims of rape and who turn to self-help centers to overcome their trauma. k fat wh****,” the post said

According to the Daily Mail, Doritos fired Hudson as a brand ambassador after outcry on social media.

“Samantha Hudson, 24, appeared in a new partnership with Doritos Spain through a 50-second video called ‘Crunch Talks that has now been deleted from the brand’s Instagram,” it said.

“Doritos told Rolling Stone on Tuesday it would no longer work with Hudson, saying it had been unaware of her previous inappropriate posts,” it added.