On The Rising Danger Of Democratic ‘Lawfare’

by Alex Berenson at  zerohedge.com

The New York state fraud case against Donald Trump is absurd; and the White House now openly tells its operatives to defy Congressional subpoenas. Democrats seem blind to the risks they’re running.

Even dictatorships have judges.

Which doesn’t mean they have justice.

Democrats appear ever-more enamored with “lawfare” — a term that hardly existed before Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 — as they try to keep Trump from returning to the White House.

Left-wing politicians, prosecutors, and lawyers may be sincere when they say they believe Trump is an existential threat to democracy who must be stopped by any means necessary.

But they would be wise not to become what they fear.

The Democratic effort to twist the legal system has accelerated in the last few months.

Trump and his most ardent supporters now face an unrelenting flow of civil and criminal cases, some of which at best stretch legal theories to their limits. But judges in blue cities and states have been notably reluctant to push back on them.