The Senate Just Got A LOT Easier for Republicans… Latest polls


Hello everybody and welcome back to Rigle Politics. Make sure you guys like this video down below and subscribe to the channel if you are new. So, this is the 2024 Senate map. Republicans basically have a foolproof map to retake the Senate. If they are not able to do that, it would just be absolutely beyond me. They are unlikely to mess this up because you have Montana and Ohio up for grabs, up for the taking. You have two Senators who vote like they are senators of California, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, or Maryland instead of Montana and Ohio. These are both states that Donald Trump is likely going to win by double digits this time around.

Donald Trump has those coattails when he gets those people out to vote who usually do not turn out to vote. He carries the Republicans down ballot with him. In some cases, they may outperform Donald Trump because all of the Trump base will vote for them, and then they might be able to peel off some of those squishy, more center-leaning, center-left, or center-right voters that happen to fall into those like never-Trump Republican camp. So, Donald Trump should be in a very good position in both of those states, and they should be in a good position, in terms of the Republicans as a whole, to retake the Senate. They will likely end up with 52 Senate seats or more.