‘Diversity’ Exhibition Laughably Claims Original Brits Were Black

by Paul Joseph Watson at zerohedge.com

An exhibition celebrating ‘diversity’ in London laughably claims that the first Britons were black and that “Britain was black for 7,000 years before” white people arrived.

Yes, really.

The Brilliant Black British History exhibition held at Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, south London, received taxpayer funding to spout patently false nonsense.

The very first display panel in the exhibition states, “By testing DNA, scientists made an amazing discovery – the first migrants to Britain around 12,000 years ago had black skin. Yes, that’s right, the very first Britons were black!”

Fact check: Nope.

This is all based on the infamous Cheddar Man hoax, the oldest set of human remains to have been found in Briton, who researchers initially claimed had possible skin pigmentations from “dark to black”.