Stunning Testimony in the Mann v. Steyn Defamation Trial: Climate Alarmist Mann is Not Paying a Penny for his Army of Lawyers!


“The left” is bankrupting voices on “the right” in lawfare defamation trials around the country.

Multi-million-dollar defamation judgments have recently been imposed against Alex Jones, Rudy Giuliani, Ammon Bundy, and even Donald Trump.  And now, a twelve-year-old defamation lawsuit by climate activist professor Michael Mann against Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg has gotten underway in a D.C. courtroom.

Steyn is the conservative writer and spokesman who regularly substituted for Rush Limbaugh on his top-ranked radio program.

Simberg is a former science expert at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative-leaning think tank in Washington, D.C.

The case has been languishing in pretrial motion practice for years and several prior defendants, including the National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, are no longer in the case.

The Mann v. Steyn trial is scheduled to extend into February. But the biggest bombshell of the trial may have dropped on Wednesday, January 24.

An attorney for Simberg asked Dr. Mann how much Mann was paying for his attorneys and if Mann would have any legal debts from the case.

Michael Mann admitted that he hadn’t paid a penny for the several law firms representing him over the past 12 years or to the four lawyers (and several staff people) representing him at trial.

And Mann said he would have no legal debts from the case regardless of whether he won or lost.