2024 Idaho March For Life

via Liberty Snippets

The Crowds were dense on Capitol Blvd crossing Downtown Boise as Pro Life activists marched from Julia Davis Park down Capitol Blvd across downtown to the Idaho State Capitol.

In a fight that drags on over Abolition in a Post-Roe USA, Idaho is a National pioneer in the field of Pro Life Laws.

Hence, we were thrilled to welcome Cathrine Glenn Foster to Idaho as a guest speaker at Idaho’s 2024 March For Life. Cathrine is a DC Pro Life activist who has grown to recognize Idaho as its rapidly increased role for the national beacon of the Pro Life Movement. This years March For Life focuses primarily on 2 key lawsuits that Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador is fighting the good fight on: -Fighting to defend the nations FIRST LEGISLATION against Abortion Trafficking of Minors. This is a new and uncharted crusade that Idaho is leading the way on for Parental Rights and fighting Child Exploitation.

-Biden’s DOJ Lawsuit over Idaho’s Abortion Law (upheld by the Idaho Supreme Court last year). The Lawsuit has made its way to the SCOTUS, the first Abortion related case at the SCOTUS since Dobbs in June 2022.

State Representative Barbara Ehardt, the Idaho State legislatures pioneer of the Pro Life fight, was given the Pro Life award in her achievements that Raul is fighting the good fight to keep in place.

God Bless Idaho, God Bless AG Labrador and God Bless Representative Ehardt!