Nolte: Left-Wing Media Collapse Marches On — Vice, BuzzFeed Sell Off Parts


BuzzFeed and Vice Media, two failing left-wing sites, are starting to sell off their parts, reports the Wall Street Journal.

“BuzzFeed … is looking to sell its food sites, Tasty and First We Feast, according to people familiar with the situation,” writes the Wall Street Journal. “Meanwhile, Fortress Investment Group, which took over Vice in bankruptcy last year, is in talks to sell its Refinery29 women’s lifestyle-focused site[.]”

The Wall Street Journal portrays these developments in much too narrow of a way — as “yet another chapter in the demise of these digital-media companies that raised money at sky-high valuations nearly a decade ago only to struggle amid a volatile ad market and a decline in traffic[.]”

That’s not the half of it.

If you take a good look around at the corporate media landscape, online and elsewhere, the wheels are coming off all over.

The corporate/establishment/leftist media are collapsing, and it is freakin’ glorious.

CNN has fallen off a ratings cliff.

The Los Angeles Times is losing about $40 million a year, cutting nearly a third of its staff over two recent layoffs.

The Washington Post slashed staff and lost nearly $100 million in 2023.

BuzzFeed laid off 15 percent of its staff and closed BuzzFeed News entirely.

Vice Media filed for bankruptcy in 2023.

Sports Illustrated shut down.

The VogueVanity Fair, and Condé Nast layoffs are coming.

Jezebel closed.

Best of all, 2,681 liars lost their jobs in 2023, more than the previous two years combined.