Seattle Times Turns To Chrystal Ball For Answers About Pacific NW Regions Electrical Reliability Problems

Conor Coughlin at

“The region’s electrical grid is more complex than it’s ever been before”, said Crystal Ball, the committee’s executive director. A Seattle Times climate reporter recently informed citizens, that the Northwest Power and Conservation Council has raised alarms that the region’s reliable energy system could falter when people need their electricity the most. According to a report that was not produced by the Babylon Bee, the Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee suggests a ‘surge in Projected Demand’ would end the regions stagnant growth.

Apparently the ancient Eco-warriors, that have been masquerading as climate scientist over at Evergreen State College had made a few miscalculations. The official soothsayers at the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), may have been using a defective “Ouija Board” for several decades. No one seemed to have notice this problem, and now its going to be tricky to get back on the path to righteousness. These once enlightened bureaucratic dream-weavers, are said to be fraught with anxiety as they envision a crisis building with no answers, or quick fixes.

This sad news, is coming directly from the original authors of Orwellian double-speak. These are the same leaders that oversaw the highly-paid bureaucratic bumblers, that are now whining about not having a quick fix for their own ill-advised agenda. These part-time Social Justice advocates, are presenting their own astute observations on what caused the problems faced by Pacific NW electrical utilities. It was the politics of their critics.

Over at At the House of Welcome, a faux longhouse built on the Evergreen College campus, the delusion-prone council of NW utility experts are reflecting on how their schemes went sideways. Its a complete mystery, as to how all their most excellent theories could have been so wrong.

Its important for Seattle’s department of climate buffoonery, that you understand that Gov. Dan Evans was a Republican when he developed his ‘Blueprint For Progress’ in the 1960’s. Dan Evans was a Republican leader that didn’t support Richard Nixon, the anti-Communist GOP leader the won the largest landslide election in U.S. history. Nixon was not a moderate Republican.

Dan Evans progressive pals over at PBS, really like to boast about him chasing extremist out of the GOP. According to PBS, to be called a “Dan Evans Republican” is a mark of pride for moderates in the NW. Although, very few GOP member have bravely come out of the closet to make that claim for themselves. While Evans’ moderate GOP cronies have ignored the activities of those same utility-controlled agencies, like the Columbia River Treaty Power Group have been negotiating international agreements on behalf of the American people.

This is a guy that might support groups like the Ruckus Society, a multi-racial network of trainers seeking to build the direct action capacity for ecological justice and social change movements. The Seattle Times won’t ever report their direct action partners for environmental justice, but will categorically deny the existence of a vast Censorship Industrial Complex. That double-standard, is the only media standard applied to public discourse on any issue related to Progressive politics.

Gov. Dan had launched the Evergreen State College during his tenure as governor, and later became the president of Evergreen State College. He also created Washington’s Dept of Ecology, and sat on board of the University of Washington. After the death of Sen. Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson (D), he was appointed to the Senate, and served three terms. Evans was there at the dawn of the Cultural Revolution, that flipped every aspect of law, science and commerce upside-down for the rich and powerful. All under the guise of supporting a form of corporate environmentalism.

Evans was literally the venerable tribal chief for the Eco-warriors, who initiated the green policies for roughly 60 years at the highest levels of education. As radical university professors angrily claimed that their science was perfectly clear, they never once bothered to check their math for errors.

It was their own formula for measuring government-funded energy-efficiency that had a flaw, and now utility bosses couldn’t make an accurate electrical energy forecast if their very lives depended on it. It was their long-term studies, and their math was used to forecast future load growth.

Not since the wildly inaccurate energy forecasts issued by the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS) decades ago, have NW bureaucrats felt so ashamed. Now they were dealing with Deja Vu, all over again. Hapless bureaucrats are being reminded of another long-forgotten government-run debacle, that had been buried by the pals in the media.

WPPSS had allegedly begun in 1957, back when moderate NW politicians were still being presented as respected members of society. That crooked scheme by incompetent bureaucrats, was sold as a project to build a series of hugely-expensive nuclear power plants in the Pacific NW. Their failed plan depended on Public Utility District (PUD) bosses using rate-payer revenues, from low-cost NW hydroelectric power, that was being generated from the federal dams in the Pacific NW.

The WPPSS fiasco cost Americans far more than the $2.25 billion bond default. It consumed the full attention of hundreds, if not thousands of over-paid bureaucrats that had been hired to work at public and private electrical utilities. Those utility executives had not been hired to create new money-making ventures, with revenue they did not own.

That national disgrace dragged on for many years, as the politicians like Evans pushed other university programs like the Initiative for Global Development. Keep that fact in mind, when listening to officials talking about a surge in “Projected Demand”. This was the same type of misleading rhetoric used by WPPSS officials, in the years before their corrupt Off-Budget-Enterprise changed its name to Energy Northwest. Which WPPSS executives needed to change, in order to distance themselves from the massive financial disaster they had created.

The single nuclear power plant built by WPPSS, was located out at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state. Which was completed, after their politically-protected boondoggle had resulted in the largest bond default in U.S. history. The level of malfeasance, incompetence and outright fraud by WPPSS management was legendary, and the stench is still lingering in air at the House of Welcome.

What the propaganda apparatchik refuses to report, it that the Hanford Nuclear Reservation has become the largest, and most costly EPA Superfund project in U.S. history. The Hanford Superfund launched the careers of many state and federal attorneys, including that of Christine Gregoire. She went on to be elected the Washington State AG, then was elected Governor in 2005 in the most controversial election in state history.

Which by default, made Gov. Gregoire the defacto leader of the Puget Sound Prosperity Partnership, that was created by Gov. Gary Locke after the November election in 2004. Ironically, the same bureaucrats that had invented the “Sustainability Industry” in the first place, couldn’t quite remember how it was supposed to work.

Those conversation took place long ago, and the talks centered on ‘economies of scale” for creating their clean energy economies. Now they can’t explain how investments into shady government-run green initiatives could have ever produced any type of profit. The sheer number of money-losing projects, had simply outpaced the volume of new suckers that would have been required to sustain their Sustainability Industry. No amount of spin, could ever change the actual outcomes of those initiatives.

So they changed the narrative!

Suddenly, as government math and science had begun to collide with faith and hope. These green leaders began to express their deep faith, in the ‘hope’ that the public would remain clueless about these old bi-partisan efforts to skyrocket electric rates. This is known as Circular Logic.

The glorious Green New Deal never looked brighter for the Wizards of Oz, except that their secretive partnership from twenty-years hadn’t producing all the rainbows and Unicorns that had been promised to their partners at the World Economic Forum.

Gov. Locke’s partners were a truly diverse group of Big Oil, Big Labor, Big Business, and Big Education bureaucrats seeking to save the planet, by making big-bucks from innovative clean energy products. Utilizing the DOE’s new ENERGY STAR® brand of “certified” energy-efficient products and services, which had allegedly been tested, and authenticated by the energy experts at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). That was then peer-reviewed by the Intel Community.

NEEA was a nonprofit group, said to be operating out of Washington State University. Which ran the EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse, to showcase all the cutting-edge science being discovered from their endless studies of energy-efficiency in America’s Industrial Sector.

NEEA and the EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse, provides the clearest example of what academics like to call the Sokal Affair. Which describes how back in 1996, a real scientist named Alan Sokal was able get a bogus paper published, that was loaded with nonsense phrases that sounded good to clueless university editors. That began a new phenomena, for a growing industry built around computer-generated research papers containing industry ‘Buzz Words’ and flattery of experts.

Within a decade, three MIT graduates had developed a soft-ware program to identify the Junk Science being passed on to top universities. Which may explain why highly-educated experts at universities are still taking about rapidly rising oceans, the UN’s retarded “Global Boiling” narrative.

If NW utility executives were truly concerned about fixing a faltering electrical grid system, perhaps they should consider putting down their ceremonial Peace Pipes. Maybe get out of the faux longhouse over at Evergreen College, and get some fresh air. It might help, but only if they had a real interest in addressing the issues driving up electrical rates in the Pacific NW region.