Gov. Gavin Newsom will Fiddle his Way to Rome While California Incinerates

by Katy Grimes at

Gov. Gavin Newsom is taking his climate change road show to the Vatican where he was invited to speak by Pope Francis at a Summit of mayors and governors. The Summit, which will be held from May 15th to May 17th, will cover “the impact of rising temperatures” in local communities, and “climate resilience.”

According to Newsom’s office, the Governor is expected to address Pope Francis and talk about the recent fires, floods, and droughts in California. The speech overall is likely to mention his numerous climate policy dates ahead, including his 2045 goal of California being 100% green power and carbon neutral, as well as his 2035 goal of the state no longer selling new gas-powered cars, the Globe reported last week.

There are a few problems with this plan.

The first is Newsom is parroting the tiresome United Nations talking point that temperatures are rising. He does this a) because he is not a scientist; and b) because he needs a distraction from the living hell he has turned California into.

And perhaps most important, how does Gov. Newsom galavanting across the Atlantic to a Climate Change Summit at the Vatican help or benefit Californians? When polled, voters never rate Climate Change as important or even relevant in their lives, despite legacy media pushing the agenda. Voters also are savvy enough to know that there is no settled science about Climate Change, the way Newsom and the Left claims.

Let’s start with one important fact, and my favorite: Greenhouse gasses aren’t destroying the world – greenhouse gasses trap heat, making Earth habitable.