Seattle Times Turns To Chrystal Ball For Answers About Pacific NW Regions Electrical Reliability Problems

Conor Coughlin at “The region’s electrical grid is more complex than it’s ever been before”, said Crystal Ball, the committee’s executive director. A Seattle Times climate reporter recently informed citizens, that the Northwest Power and Conservation Council has raised alarms that the region’s reliable energy system could falter when people need their electricity the […]

Saudi Aramco CEO: ‘The Energy Transition Is Failing. Policymakers Should Abandon the Fantasy of Phasing Out Oil and Gas’

by Paul Serran at The climate alarmist cult is in planetary disarray, with their once-unquestionable ‘scientific theories’ and ‘environmental policies’ getting rejected at a rapid pace in many parts of the world. European farmers and Canadian Provincial Premiers and conservatives everywhere in the western world are getting increasingly vocal about the shortcomings of the […]

“AOC, You Sound Ridiculous, You Scrub…All You Care About is Illegal Aliens!” — Protestors GO OFF on AOC Over Her Coddling of Illegals During “Green New Deal” Townhall (VIDEO)

  by Cullen Linebarger at AOC’s town hall event in Queens Thursday night was derailed by protestors furious over her coddling of illegal aliens in America. As The Post Millennial reported, AOC was giving a speech to a group of primarily adoring constituents regarding her support for the socialist Green New Deal instead of […]

Are American Workers Protected From Systemic Civil Rights Abuses Under The Whistleblower Protection Act?

Conor Coughlin The law suggests that the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA) was designed to protect Federal employees, or applicants for Federal employment from retaliation for making certain protected disclosures. It may be worth asking if the WPA is actually protecting workers rights, or being used as a tool to silence the Whistleblower at agencies […]

Should Former Top U. S. Prosecutors Face Indictments For Their Roles In Green Conspiracy Frauds?

Conor Coughlin via When former US Attorney General Bill Barr declared that “Free speech does not entitle you to engage in a fraudulent conspiracy”, he was simultaneously claiming that President Trump’s legal defenses were “bullshit” for identifying significant issues of obvious fraud in the 2020 election. AG Barr should have known that on Nov. […]