“AOC, You Sound Ridiculous, You Scrub…All You Care About is Illegal Aliens!” — Protestors GO OFF on AOC Over Her Coddling of Illegals During “Green New Deal” Townhall (VIDEO)


by Cullen Linebarger at thegatewaypundit.com

AOC’s town hall event in Queens Thursday night was derailed by protestors furious over her coddling of illegal aliens in America.

As The Post Millennial reported, AOC was giving a speech to a group of primarily adoring constituents regarding her support for the socialist Green New Deal instead of focusing on actual urgent issues like illegal immigration. As Gateway Pundit readers know, the state of New York has been flooded with hordes of invaders thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies.

Lawmakers such as New York City Mayor Eric Adams have only made things worse by promoting policies such as giving $10,000 debit cards to illegals.

In the middle of her speech, a man named Jonathan David Rinaldi suddenly rose and introduced himself to the audience as AOC’s Republican challenger. But just as he started ripping into her, he was shouted down by the brainwashed liberal audience.