Should Former Top U. S. Prosecutors Face Indictments For Their Roles In Green Conspiracy Frauds?

Conor Coughlin via

When former US Attorney General Bill Barr declared that “Free speech does not entitle you to engage in a fraudulent conspiracy”, he was simultaneously claiming that President Trump’s legal defenses were bullshitfor identifying significant issues of obvious fraud in the 2020 election. AG Barr should have known that on Nov. 4, TIME magazine had a front-page expose onThe Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Electionby a coalition of “resistance” organizations. Those so-called resistance organizations included entities like the AFL-CIO, Democratic Socialists of America, US Chamber of Commerce, Move On, Silicon Valley, Color of Change, and Planned Parenthood that had come together to save democracy from authoritarianism.

As Trump’s AG was dispensing his sage legal opinions, Bill Barr’s Justice Department was overseeing a series of Dept. of Energy policy initiatives that provided a direct financial benefit those same political groups with ties to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. Which is a thoroughly corrupt group of city mayors, pretending to be honest green business entrepreneurs running shadowy ventures out of the UN, or World Economic Forum. Many of their members are associated with other government-funded groups like the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute, which was allowed to create their own Climate Corps® as part of a Global Alliance of Universities on Climate economic model? AG Barr had to have known that hundreds of mayors in US cities, had looted their own budgets to pay for their opulent lifestyles as global climate monarchs. DOJ and FBI had no interest in who’s money was financing the American mayors, as they flew around the globe to make climate deals with multi-national corporations.

Those third-party created Climate Corps agencies, shouldn’t be confused with Energy Secretary Granholm’s new Clean Energy Corp. Which had Hollywood produce a new propaganda video, that is just cartoonish enough to encourage a confused young Cultural Marxist to consider a dynamic new career as a official Climate Change Officer. The DOJ knows that there is very stiff competition for those coveted Change Officer positions, and they need to protect the integrity of Joe Biden’s global Green New Deal. Otherwise, investors might assume that EPA’s ENERGY STAR® “certified” products suffer from the same type of credibility issues as the FTX cryptocurrencies. That were known to have influenced the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election.

Which was very similar to how the media buried a 2014 Senate Minority on the EPA’s Billionaires Club, which assisted the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election cycle. These so-called green groups had literally coined the phrase ‘dark money’, to describe any source that was funding opposition politicians to the green-washing schemes of the Obama-Biden regime.

Bill Barr had to be fully aware that the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute, was running an illegal business enterprise. The Berkeley operators had already admitted to failing to disclose a $19 million contract to the US government, that was paid directly by Tsinghua University in 2016. Which is controlled by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Education, that left-leaning media described as part of a $220 million mistake made by UC, Berkeley. Did DOJ lawyers assume that ‘mistake’ involved a Free Speech right, that needed to be protected?

That corrupt California non-profit group was co-chaired by former CA governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown, and was working on a plan for ‘Forging a Shared Path to a Net-Zero Future: U.S. China Climate Action Opportunities Paper Series” to accelerate climate action. California legislators had tried to create legislation to support the Berkeley California-China Climate scheme, but failed to pass Assembly Bill (#2585) in early 2020. Which could have been a real bummer for Moonbeam Brown’s group, and his partners over at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Chinese People’s Ass. for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. But only if these business leaders believed that the DOJ under AG Bill Barr, would actually prosecute fellow bureaucrats that felt entitled to abuse our Free Speech laws to engage in a fraudulent conspiracy.

Those pillars of society were probably already associated with other international non-profit groups like the Climate Group that was incorporated in 2003, and opened an office in China in 2022. Which appeared as if Communist agents were in bed with California’s SEI’s Climate Corps, that claimed to have been providing professional development opportunities for implementing sustainability and resiliency projects with local governments, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses since 2010. That claim from California’s SEI group, needs to be considered in relationship to a contemporary news article by the Guardian “WikiLeaks cables reveal how US manipulated climate accord”. That secret cable indicated that SOS Hillary Clinton, and the CIA had used bribes and intimidation to influence UN diplomats at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009.

The scheme included a US commitment to help the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a deal to diversify its economy away from petroleum, that the Deep State believed would help to ‘take the pressure off climate change negotiations’. That was when the state of Virginia alleged that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, had conspired with Bradley Manning to access classified information on Dept. of Defense computers. As Julian Assange faces extradition from a prison in England, to face a life sentence on federal charges for a crime, that his so-called co-conspirator had been granted clemency by President Barak Obama back in 2017.

Which should have raised some serious questions for Bill Barr, who was the AG for the former CIA Director George H W Bush in 1992. He should have known the DOE had set up the ENERGY STAR program as Public/Private partnership, a fact that was never shared with the American public until recent years. Bill Barr should have also known that the Obama-Biden regime had accepted billions of dollars in matching funds at the Dept of Energy, when the agency was allegedly hardening our National Electrical Grid against cyberwarfare from hostile foreign countries. In a 2020 Smart Grid report that was released by the Biden DOE in 2022, it speaks at great lengths about the digital policies from back in 2009. That report treated the subject as a Grid modernization process, not a National Security issue.

In January of 2023, the Biden EPA released a product line called the Smart Home Energy Management System at the WEF meeting in Davos, that may be the ultimate Deep State spy-tool. Fake News outlets had to bury the fact this Smart Grid meter system, could be worth trillions of dollars to the private-sector investors in the ENERGY STAR® brand. American voters weren’t allowed to know that un-elected bureaucrats, were pushing that green scheme to the WEF aristocrats.

All of that dark agenda began long ago, when the former AG was known by the hard-core left as Bill ‘Cover-up’ Barrfor his role in the Iran Contra Scandal. That was back in the era before the Ruckus Society was founded, which allegedly relied on funding provided primarily by CNN’s Ted Turner in its early years. That sick Society claims to have began in 1995, sparked by the intersection of the passage of a federal anti-environmental law, Greenpeace budget cuts, and two infamous nonviolence practitioners.

In reality, those low-lifes were only one step removed from other equally sick groups like Earth First!, that claims it was founded by peaceniks in 1979. It was members of Earth First!, that had produced a “Eco-F*cker Hit List” used to target legal business owners. That was utilized by the Theodore Kaczynski during his seventeen year crime spree, which snuffed out more university employees than Capitalist. These mindless morons may pretend to be non-violent activist, but the Unabomber’s bizarre Manifesto, and books like the Confessions of an EcoWarrior show that is simply not true.

Even the most dim-witted politician, or bureaucrat would have a hard time overlooking the Ruckus Society’s new idiotic slogan of “Pick a fight. Break the rule. Build the New. Change the game with The Ruckus Action Network. It’s that very type of backwards thinking, that has been guiding EPA and DOE policies for well over three decades.

What Americans were not being told, was that those bad laws were initiated by Bill Clinton. Who used an executive order, to mandate that every sub-division of the US government purchase only EPA-approved products and services. Which made DOE’s premium-priced ENERGY STAR brand, the sole source for the most valuable government-invented commodity in world history. The value of EPA “certified” energy efficiency is estimated by bureaucrats, and has no absolutely value to anyone other than political insiders.

American voters aren’t supposed to ask why the EPA pushed rules like Waters of the United States, that appeared as designed to undermine property rights. The US Supreme Court recently overturned the Sackett v EPA case, with an unanimous decision that ended one of the EPA’s most Draconian initiatives ever. Bill Barr, and other government lawyers may not agree with the SCOTUS decision. But would they denounce that verdict as just another example of the type of Free Speech, that entitled lawyers to engage in a fraudulent conspiracy to protect the civil rights of a client?