The Greenberg Brief: Leftists Destroy Democracy, Take Property Along the Way

via  I first encountered Julie Pitta in 2021, the summer of recall fever. Committees coordinated their volunteers and signature collectors to scour San Francisco strategically setting up tables. Eager voters lined up, grabbing a clipboard to sign petitions in their show of support of the cause. Julie Pitta frequented the bustling Clement Street Farmers […]

WHAT A SHAME: The Democratic Socialists of America Are Going Broke, May Have to Lay Off Staff

by Mike LaChance at The Democratic Socialists of America, one of AOC’s favorite political organizations, is facing a serious financial crunch and may have to lay people off. Who knew that socialists would have such a hard time managing funds? It looks like they finally ran out of other people’s money. Of course, this […]

Should Former Top U. S. Prosecutors Face Indictments For Their Roles In Green Conspiracy Frauds?

Conor Coughlin via When former US Attorney General Bill Barr declared that “Free speech does not entitle you to engage in a fraudulent conspiracy”, he was simultaneously claiming that President Trump’s legal defenses were “bullshit” for identifying significant issues of obvious fraud in the 2020 election. AG Barr should have known that on Nov. […]