Insulting Israel Is A State Dept. Tradition

by Rafael Medoff at

The claim by Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Israel is “dehumanizing” the residents of Gaza is false and insulting. But it’s par for the course at Foggy Bottom.

It may not be much consolation to the Israelis, but US secretaries of state have been leveling unfair accusations against Israel, and sometimes against the Jewish people, for more than 75 years, regardless of whether Israel’s government leaned left or right.

[In 1948, Secretary of State George Marshall vigorously opposed the creation of Israel, implemented the US embargo on weapons to the Jewish forces, and urged President Harry Truman not to recognize the new state. Marshall also promoted a plan to drastically reduce the size of Israel by tearing away the Negev.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s secretary of state, John Foster Dulles, testified to a Senate committee in 1953 that Israel should stop seeking arms and start putting its trust “in the United Nations.” He also criticized the Israelis for striking at Arab terrorists in Gaza.:

At another point in his testimony, Secretary Dulles claimed that Israel’s fears of being destroyed were baseless. When asked if America’s strategic plans for the Mideast were adequate to prevent Israel’s annihilation, he replied that the US could not “underwrite” such a promise. Dulles reiterated that the US would not sell weapons to Israel while defending the administration’s decision to send 18 tanks to Saudi Arabia. He also justified the US surrender to the Saudi leaders’ demand that no Jewish soldiers be permitted to serve on American bases in Saudi Arabia.