Has Media Suppressed Info On EPA’s ‘Restoration Credits’ For A New Superfund Project Involving A Cascadia Partner?

by Conor Coughlin

Recently it was reported the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) had run “War Game” scenarios for protecting our democracy, based on concerns that rampant citizen disenfranchisement had impacted the Presidential election of 1876. These experts claimed that the Reconstruction period, and Jim Crow laws had somehow created the political dysfunction responsible for disrupting the “Bush v Gore” election in 2000. That twisted theory, prompted the TIP group to propose a series of solutions to overcome the deep wounds to our electoral process from the past. Which included a bizarre suggestion that a mythical realm of Cascadia, could secede from the USA if the 2020 election went off the rails. You might think that sounds a bit extreme, but these people are election experts.

To comprehend the delusional of the solution, requires an expert in gibberish. A language adopted long ago by the bureaucratic state. I may be wrong, but nothing in their scenario would make a bit of sense to a rational human being. Its what isn’t being said out loud, that really matters in this instance. The only common thread in that jumbled time-line of unconnected events, are the unrevealed connections between Cascadia, and EPA’s new “Restoration Credits” for Superfund projects like the Portland Harbor project.

Any time that science, law, and reason are flipped upside down, you will be dealing with a phy-op. As a former state leader with Ross Perot’s old Reform Party from the 1990’s, I believe this particular version of twisted logic is older than the EPA itself. It involves the same groups that held a deep-seated hatred of Ross Perot, the 1992 Presidential candidate that believed “The dumbest folks in college are studying to be teachers”. Perot enraged the educated elites, by further claiming that 4 out of 5 newly graduated teachers were “incompetent”. His beliefs triggered bureaucrats at every level, especially former CIA Director Bush’s associates that worked at top U.S. universities and our National Laboratories that have been promoting world peace and happiness.

Corporate media can’t report that former EPA Director Gina McCarthy, had introduced a new Virtue Signaling reward system back in January of 2017. The EPA’s Portland Harbor Superfund project now has a serious problem with optics, that is impossible to overcome. So it must be buried. Many of the key political players on both sides of the Portland Harbor cleanup debacle, are aligned with so-called fish protection experts involved in the removal of the dams on the Klamath River basin. Which by any normal metric, might qualify as a massive man-made natural disaster. Caused by the same entities, that are pushing the EPA’s Smart Grid solutions, to save energy, save money, and protect the climate.

What has been omitted from all scientific debate for the last decade, is a 2014 Republican Senate report on the EPA’s Billionaires Club. The drama queens at the Dept of Energy, can’t allow Americans to know how their associates at the UN have been helping to manipulate energy markets with carbon-credit trading on imaginary energy-savings. Long before Bush had signed the USA onto the Agenda 21 Economic Development Plan, the former UN Ambassador was portraying himself as a environmentalist for assisting the godless Communist in China with water-diversion programs needed to build up their industrial base.

What hasn’t been open for debate, were the dozens of UN organizations that had sprung up after the establishment of Israel in 1948, Nobody was paying attention to the American bureaucracies that worked with the global elites, to build up the industrial base of Communist China. Which was never about cleaning up the pollution in their water, or air. That would be like claiming the UNRWA, was the educational arm of the Pentagon.

Until George Bush’s pals began to ‘re-imagine’ the founding of the ENERGY STAR program, based on a legend about a EPA bureaucrat. No one was even aware that voluntary federal program, had been set up as a Public/ Private Partnership open to foreign multinational corporations and nations hostile to America.

In 1993, President Bill Clinton mandated the use of EPA-approved products and services by every sub-division of the U.S. government. Which in essences, had created a government Pay-To-Play scheme that turned turning the ENERGY STAR® brand into a money-making venture, open only to select groups that supported International Socialism. The globalist then began to claim the radical environmentalist behind the Earth Day event, were responsible for the creation of the EPA in 1970.

That occurred decades after shadowy groups like the Club Of Rome, were providing support to a young university professor Klaus Schwab that crafted some type of manifesto. That morphed into the Davos Manifesto in 2019, which suddenly sought to usher in a Fourth Industrial Revolution. By that period of time, the Club of Rome had already declared the UN’s annual Global Warming confabs were a total Clown Show. Run by the same Arab Oil Sheikhs that had elevated the PLO’s Yasser Arafat, to the status of a folk hero.

By 2019, when globalist ‘re-imagined’ Schwab’s Davos Manifesto, the EPA had already developed its Restoration Credits for its Superfund cleanup efforts. That had selected its business partners for its new Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup project, which had been studied since at least 1920. This group, included both the major polluters of Portland Harbor, and the community activist groups demanding the federal government take action to protect the minority communities from the pollution.

Except, the Portland crew of community activist appeared to resemble the ‘peaceful protesters’ that had assaulted the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Portland in July of 2020. The Ministry of Propaganda couldn’t report on the nature of those protesters, because the Dept of Homeland Security had already identified that Anarchist had attacked federal officers, not peaceful protesters. These were the same type of actors allowed to rampage during the 1999 WTO meeting in Seattle, when corporate media bought into the Anarchists’ delusional spin on who were the true justice warriors of that day.

This is when the leaders of a new resilience movement, introduced a anti-hegemonic resistance theory for opposing the uneducated forces that doubted the credibility of science used by the UN-IPCC. The science in question, had come indirectly from green leaders like David Brower, who had founded the North Cascades Conservation Council in 1957. David Brower was also the founder of the Friends of Earth in 1969, that was allegedly inspired by a burst of environmental concerns generated by the first Earth Day celebration on April 19, 1970.

That was the year that time-lines for historic events began to change, in the minds of bureaucrats. The Republican President Richard Nixon has been essentially shadow-banned from his role in creating the EPA, and replaced by the self-appointed censors in the media that claimed that violent radicals drove the environmental movement. By 1981, Brower had founded the Earth Island Institute as a loosely structured incubator for innovative projects, which had a distinctly anti-American and anti-Capitalist leanings.

His environmental friends had long-established relationships with the Washington Public Power Supply System, an Off-Budget-Enterprise that was also created back in 1957. The WPPSS group planned to build a series of Nuclear Power plants in the Pacific NW, that government-owned project resulted in the largest bond default in history. The one nuclear power completed by WPPSS was at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, that later became the largest EPA Superfund cleanup project in history.

Climate Solutions, a Earth Island Institute franchisee was created in 1999. Which was immediately placed in charge of operating the Harvesting Clean Energy initiative in Washington State. The program was designed to find cost-effective energy solutions for America’s Industrial Sector, on behalf of the Dept of Energy that created the ENERGY STAR® brand of “certified” energy-efficiency products. While operating the massive Harvesting Clean Energy program, Climate Solutions produced two Poised For Profit reports utilized by the Prosperity Partnership in the Puget Sound. The Prosperity Partnership is a state-owned enterprise that included members of NW Energy (formerly WPPSS), that were directly responsible for driving up Washington State electrical rates through malfeasance and sheer incompetence.

The Prosperity Partnership was created by Gary Locke, during the highly controversial seven-month long election of the state AG Christine Gregoire. The AG had previously been the Head of the Dept of Ecology, appointed to work on the Tri-Party agreement for the EPA’s Superfund cleanup of the man-made environmental disaster created by plutonium processed for the Atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

Unreported in 2003, was that the Natural Resource Defense Council had issued a media release on the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative, that was signed by CA Gov. Gray Davis two weeks before he was removed from office by a Recall Petition for his role in the California Energy Crisis. In which Climate Solutions, was presented as a Northwest non-profit pioneering in practical, and economically attractive solutions for healthier communities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia. The NRDC failed to mention the “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” that cost West Coast residence billions of dollars, or that the U.S. Senate was the authority responsible for rejecting the UN’s Kyoto Protocols. Not the president.

Many of the players in the West Coast Governors scam had extensive connections to the political elites in Berkeley, California. That utilized the same type of Junk Science as the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute, that had been operating out of the law office at UC, Berkeley since 2010. Those government entrepreneurs, had a close relations to The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) created in 2004. That were pushing policies directly tied to the Ambassadors Council set up by George H.W. Bush at Texas A&M university. The Texas university that had crawled into bed with Qatar, which had been providing a safe haven for senior Hamas leaders for many years.

Which shouldn’t be confused with the Ambassadors Council set up by Tom Steyer’s NextGen America organization, that is also training students in professionalism and the academic showmanship of public service. Both of those Ambassador Councils were beneficiaries of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s new Clean Energy Corps, that had set up a DOE Application Portal that waived all the requirements a normal business would seek in its employees.

All these political insiders benefited big-time from Obama’s EPA; Lead By Example guidelines released in 2009. Which directed bureaucrats to “estimate” that ENERGY STAR products were saving 25% to 50% more electrical energy than similar products. An easily provable lie. These are government “deemed” electrical savings, that EPA has turned into multi-billion annual market for the members of World Economic Forum. The EPA’s imaginary energy-saving are now marketed by the corrupt European bureaucrats aristocrats at organizations like the UNOPS.

The various UN business-driven organizations are invested in science that was created by Gary Locke’s cronies, during the highly controversial seven-month long election of Christine Gregoire. Her tenure marked the beginning of the Seattle Mayor Greg Nichols ‘US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement’ which was a very obvious failure. That was later resurrected as the UN’s Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, and declared as a highly successful enterprise.

This brings us back to the TIP groups of election experts, and their views on the mythical realm of Cascadia seceding from the union. In reality, there is a Cascadia Law Group. Its populated mostly by former government lawyers with ties to Washington States governors, EPA Superfund projects, UNIDO, and the EPA’s new Smart Grid product-line. Which is potentially worth trillions of dollars in revenue from technology that can also serve as the ultimate spy tool for ENERGY STAR® partners.

And may be part of the reason behind a new Recall effort of California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom, who had managed to turn an imaginary budget surplus, into a very real $73 billion deficit in 2024