The War on College Campuses

by Lauren Camera at Shortly after the militant group Hamas mounted a surprise attack killing 1,400 in Israel, the National Students for Justice in Palestine released a “toolkit” to help chapters across America organize a day of resistance on college campuses. Their materials called the rampage, in which the overwhelming number of dead were […]

When Presidents Curse (At The Jews)

by Jeff Dunetz at President Joe Biden is reported to have used profanity in two recent outbursts against Israel’s prime minister. Sadly, such eruptions are nothing new. Going all the way back to the 1940s, presidents or other senior U.S. officials occasionally have said some ugly things about Israel or Jews.      In 1943, Samuel […]

Saudi Arabia, Egypt Threaten Israel With Punitive Measures as IDF Clamps Down on Hamas Terrorist Leadership Hiding in Rafah

by Vijeta Uniyal at As the Israeli armed forces gear up to capture the last major terrorist stronghold of Rafah in southern Gaza with the aim of annihilating Hamas’ Gaza-based leadership and liberating the hostages, the Biden administration, European governments, and Arab regimes are exerting enormous pressure on Israel to halt the military operation. […]

Ireland Basketball Team Not Shaking Hands With Israel Team Does Nothing to Quell Antisemitism Accusations

by Mary Chastain at Ireland’s women’s basketball team refused to shake hands with Israel’s women’s basketball team at their EuroBasket 2025 qualifier game. Israeli player Dor Saar said in an interview on Tuesday, “It’s known that they are quite anti-Semitic, and it’s no secret; maybe that’s why a strong game is expected.”   Team Ireland chose […]

Five big fights facing Congress in 2024

by Sahil Kapur at WASHINGTON — From confrontations over government funding and foreign aid to Republican threats to impeach President Joe Biden despite the lack of an impeachable offense, a divided Congress is entering the new year facing a slew of big fights. And it will do so against the backdrop of an election year, with the White […]

Rutgers University Students Masked Like Terrorists Issue Demands Over School’s Stance on Israel (VIDEO)

by Mike LaChance at Rutgers University students who are part of the campus chapter of ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ recently issued a set of demands to the school over its stance on the continuing conflict between Israel and Hamas. The students are masking their faces with Keffiyehs and look like Middle Eastern terrorists. […]

The Dreyfus Affair, Zola’s J’accuse!, and Antisemitism: Some Things Never Change

by Jeff Dunetz at “J’accuse!” is arguably the most famous newspaper headline ever. It was published January 13, 1898, as Emile Zola’s 4,000-word front-page open letter to the president of France in defense of French Army Captain Alfred Dreyfus. Who was accused and convicted of treason. But as Zola pointed out, Dryfus’ actual crime […]