Saudi Arabia, Egypt Threaten Israel With Punitive Measures as IDF Clamps Down on Hamas Terrorist Leadership Hiding in Rafah

by Vijeta Uniyal at

As the Israeli armed forces gear up to capture the last major terrorist stronghold of Rafah in southern Gaza with the aim of annihilating Hamas’ Gaza-based leadership and liberating the hostages, the Biden administration, European governments, and Arab regimes are exerting enormous pressure on Israel to halt the military operation.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the two most powerful Arab states, are threatening to unleash punitive measures against Jerusalem as the Israeli military is posed to capture Rafah, the southernmost part of Gaza, along the Egyptian border, thereby cutting off Hamas’ sole escape and weapons supply route.

“Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry warned Saturday of “very serious repercussions of storming and targeting” the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip,” CNN reported Sunday.

Cairo is threatening to suspend the Egypt–Israel peace treaty signed in 1979. “Egypt is threatening to suspend its peace treaty with Israel if Israeli troops are sent into the densely populated Gaza border town of Rafah,” CNBC reported Sunday, citing Egyptian and Western officials.

“The threat to suspend the Camp David Accords, a cornerstone of regional stability for nearly a half-century, came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said sending troops into Rafah was necessary to win the four-month war against the Palestinian militant group Hamas.” the broadcaster added.