2024: These Are The Times That Kill Men’s Souls

by Judi McLeod at canadafreepress.com

In 1776, it was the iconic Thomas Paine, who said: “These are the times that try men’s souls”.

Now it’s 2024, and “These are the times that kill men’s souls”.

It’s happening, not just in Politics-First North America, but worldwide.

It was a long time ago, when a secular world drove humanity’s Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the Public Square, and every single thing that was good in the world has been unravelling ever since.

Indeed, it is not just our souls that godless new world order oligarchs are after, but one’s sanity, individuality and peace of mind.

The problem is that without our souls, we believe in nothing, and we are nothing.

This is only the latest from would-be soul killers:

‘Canada Moves to Criminalize Christianity-(News Addicts, Feb. 29, 2024)

    “Canada’s far-left government is moving to criminalize Christianity, with Bible reading and prayer considered “hate speech” – a “crime” punishable with prison time.
    1. “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s World Economic Forum-controlled government is planning to outlaw Christianity with the introduction of an amendment to the 
Criminal Code 
    that could see believers face jail time for expressing historic Christian teachings.
    “The legislation, Bill C-367, will make it illegal to reiterate certain parts of the Bible, stripping away the “good faith” defense for what is deemed by the state as “hate speech” or “antisemitism.”