Nancy Pelosi Claims Taking Trump Off The Ballot Is ‘Up To The States’ In Typically Cringe Interview


Former Democrat House speaker and current congresswoman and all-around Swamp creature Nancy Pelosi apparently believes in the policymaking power of individual U.S. states, at least when it comes to undemocratically removing President Donald Trump from state ballots.

In an interview on CNN, Pelosi was asked whether or not she thought it was a good idea for certain states to block Trump from the ballot.

“That’s up to the states. What I think is a good idea for us to make sure people know what is at risk in the election,” Pelosi rambled, noting that “different states have different laws.”

Not surprisingly, Pelosi was extremely upset about the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, which actually puts the abortion issue back on a state level. I guess Pelosi was a bit more confused about state’s rights at that time, as evidenced by her bizarre slurring speech bashing the Supreme Court. Pelosi criticized giving states the ability to overturn what Pelosi called a constitutional right to have abortions.