Maddow Melts Down Over “Rise Of Fascism”; Joy Reid Says Trump Iowa Caucus Landslide Proves White Christians Are Racists

by TYLER DURDEN at In an early glimpse of what to expect from coverage of this election, MSNBC and CNN hosts went into full rage mode with the Iowa caucus results.  Leftist hack Rachel Maddow complained about a “rise of fascism” after Donald Trump easily won the Iowa Caucus in a landslide over his Republican opponents. […]

Nancy Pelosi Claims Taking Trump Off The Ballot Is ‘Up To The States’ In Typically Cringe Interview

by PATRICK HOWLEY at  Former Democrat House speaker and current congresswoman and all-around Swamp creature Nancy Pelosi apparently believes in the policymaking power of individual U.S. states, at least when it comes to undemocratically removing President Donald Trump from state ballots. In an interview on CNN, Pelosi was asked whether or not she thought […]

Democrat Secretary Of State Kicks Trump Off Maine Ballot, Takes MSM ‘Victory Lap’

by TYLER DURDEN at Sure enough, the usual suspects in the mainstream media were more than happy to invite Maine Secretary of State on air to discuss her “brave” decision to unilaterally remove Republicans’ democratic rights. Bellows appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”, stating that not only was she “mindful” in her decision and its […]

Al Gore Claims Climate Change Will Cost U.S. To ‘Lose Our Capacity For Self-Governance’

by Cullen McCue at Former vice president and longtime climate activist Al Gore told CNN that failure to take radical action on the issue could lead to one-billion refugees and cause the U.S. to “lose our capacity for self-governance.” “[If] the world doesn’t act what what’s the worst-case scenario, the scientists who warned us […]