Elon Musk is Leading Elites in a Defection From the Left & It’s Devastating for Democrats

via choiceclips.whatfinger.com

Piers Morgan is fuming at Elon Musk over Alex Jones’ reinstatement on X, saying Jones is a “hate-speech monster” while calling people who voted in Elon’s X poll “fringe extremists.” This is how you know letting Jones back on X was the right decision. “The truth about Alex Jones is that he’s a vile, disgusting piece of work whose entire business model is predicated on fuelling crackpot conspiracy theories for clickbait and cash, regardless of what pain he causes innocent people in the process,” Morgan said in an opinion piece posted on the NY Post. While ending his piece, Morgan said to Elon: “All you’ve done by showing this monster mercy is reward him for his repellent treatment of already devastated families experiencing the same awful grief you felt when your son died.” Morgan also referenced an interview he had with Alex Jones on CNN.