‘Bill Clinton In A Blue Dress’: Ted Cruz Reveals Why He Thinks Dems Are ‘Blocking’ Epstein Flight Logs

by HAILEY GOMEZ at dailycaller.com

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz called out the Democrats allegedly behind blocking deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s flight log list Tuesday on Fox News, stating they are “freaking out” from Republicans pushing to obtain the information.

Cruz appeared on “Hannity” to discuss a slew of topics, including the push from GOP Congress members to reveal Epstein’s full flight logs. Fox host Sean Hannity asked the Texas senator why the Judiciary Committee Chairman and Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin would be “unwilling” to hand over the logs.


Crus responded by stating although Durbin claimed to not have known “anything” regarding the issue, he pointed out the Illinois senator was in fact at the hearings.“

Look, it’s an awfully good question. A Fox News reporter asked him in the hall of the Senate why Dick Durbin and the Senate Democrats were blocking the flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein’s planes. And he claimed, ‘I don’t know anything about it. I wasn’t there. I don’t know about it,’” Cruz stated.