Al Gore Claims Climate Change Will Cost U.S. To ‘Lose Our Capacity For Self-Governance’

by Cullen McCue at

Former vice president and longtime climate activist Al Gore told CNN that failure to take radical action on the issue could lead to one-billion refugees and cause the U.S. to “lose our capacity for self-governance.”

“[If] the world doesn’t act what what’s the worst-case scenario, the scientists who warned us of these mega storms and uh… the floods and mudslides and droughts. And then ice melting, and the sea level rising, and the storms getting stronger, and the tropical diseases and uh… climate migrants crossing international borders,” Gore told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“They warned us about this,” Gore went on to say in his gloomy analysis of the future. “And so we need to pay more attention to them now,” the former vice president continued before claiming that the United States and other Western nations could soon be dealing with one-billion “climate refugees.”

He contributed the rise of “dictatorships” and “populist authoritarianism” on this looming migration, adding that nations could ultimately lose their ability to govern themselves. Gore also claimed that the “survival of our civilization is at stake,” something he has been claiming for more than 30 years.