Are Children Really Our Future?

by Karen Schoen at

As a retired teacher, I was really pleased when I read the article in the Jackson Times about how well our students are doing in the Jackson County Schools. Several schools moved up a grade. That was wonderful but did not make sense according to the statistics from US News and World Report, NAEP, or Axios that say 47% of our kids can’t read write or do simple math. According to AXIOS,, Florida had some of the worst ACT scores in the nation.  I started digging to find out what those letter grades actually mean.   

My organization, The Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA has been laser focused on improving education since its inception.  We were able to help legislators recognize that using Common Core standards was a guarantee that FL students would be 2 years behind and they are. Common Core is still in Florida schools under the name of “Florida Sunshine Standards”. Just like Common Core, Florida Sunshine Standards  eliminates and/or minimizes phonics, cursive writing, logic, reason and critical thinking. It shifts the focus from facts to values. Why is dumbing down our kids be the new goal of education? 

The FLAC sponsored Microschool program and the variety of FL scholarships provide support for homeschool parents who recognize public schools have failed our children. .  FACT: Homeschooled students average 30% higher than public school students. Parents, Grandparents: When was the last time you asked your child to read to you? Can they do a simple math calculation manually? Do they know how money works?

Public school literature uses SEL (Social Emotional Learning) which is nothing more than CRT (Critical Race Theory) in disguise. SEL is a bastion for learning hatred of family, G-d and country. Using the DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) approach students  learn:  

  • Diversity – skin color is more important than knowledge 
  • Inclusion –  As long as you agree with the group you will be allowed to participate, disagree and you will be cancelled.  
  • Equity – Students learn: White people are the oppressors and black and brown people are oppressed. Since that can never change it is OK for Black and Brown people to steal from or kill white people as there are no consequences for their actions.  The government should own everything to make it equal. Why use contraception when you can Kill your baby? Single parent households can live off government money. Blame white people for all your troubles.