Newest House investigation into Biden targets his ‘climate corps’

by Nick Pope at

Daily Caller News Foundation

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee is seeking answers and information from AmeriCorps about President Joe Biden’s “American Climate Corps” (ACC) program, according to a letter sent by the Committee obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Friday letter to AmeriCorps CEO Michael Smith, signed by Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky and Republican Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas, requests that Smith hand over internal cost projections for the program, any communications between AmeriCorps and federal agencies related to the program, as well as any communications that AmeriCorps had with the White House and a host of environmental groups about the program, according to the letter’s text. Biden unveiled the ACC in September using executive action to help about 20,000 people find work in climate-related fields, including facilitating pathways to working in federal civil service