Merry Christmas, bishops, from Nicaragua’s little dictator

by Monica Showalter at

Is Nicaragua trying to outrun Cuba and Venezuela for the title of region’s nastiest communist regime?

Here’s how dictator Daniel Ortega, the man the great Ronald Reagan once called “the little dictator,” celebrated his version of Christmas:

According to El Pais of Spain:

On Wednesday, December 20, the Nicaraguan police intercepted Bishop Isidro del Carmen Mora Ortega, when he was on his way to officiate the confirmations of 230 parishioners in the Santa Cruz parish, located in La Cruz de Río Grande, a remote municipality in the South Caribbean Coast. The bishop was arrested, and his whereabouts are still unknown.

This is the latest episode of persecution against the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, where attacks have escalated over the past year. Since 2018 — when mass protests against the government broke out — the Catholic Church in Nicaragua has suffered 740 attacks by the Sandinista regime, according to Martha Patricia Molina, a Nicaraguan lawyer and author of the study Nicaragua: A Persecuted Church?