Arturo smells blackmail

By Silvio Canto at A few days ago, Jorge Ramos of Univision interviewed former Mexican ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan. His analysis of how President Andres Lopez-Obrador greeted the Biden delegation is sound: AMBASSADOR ARTURO SARUKHAN: President Biden fundamentally needs Mexican support and López Obrador knows it and on the one hand he is taking […]

Milei brings a lot of common sense to Davos

by Silvio Canto at Who knew that a president from Argentina would deliver a speech about freedom and capitalism?  I ask “who knew” because we expect speeches like that from a U.S. president or some Western leader.  I guess those were the days my friend. We are happy that President Milei did it.  This […]

Merry Christmas, bishops, from Nicaragua’s little dictator

by Monica Showalter at Is Nicaragua trying to outrun Cuba and Venezuela for the title of region’s nastiest communist regime? Here’s how dictator Daniel Ortega, the man the great Ronald Reagan once called “the little dictator,” celebrated his version of Christmas: According to El Pais of Spain: On Wednesday, December 20, the Nicaraguan police intercepted Bishop Isidro del Carmen […]