Milei brings a lot of common sense to Davos

by Silvio Canto at

Who knew that a president from Argentina would deliver a speech about freedom and capitalism?  I ask “who knew” because we expect speeches like that from a U.S. president or some Western leader.  I guess those were the days my friend.

We are happy that President Milei did it.  This is from Douglas Murray:

While the gods of Davos have spent recent years warning against climate change and ‘populism,’ Milei has a different prognosis.

He declared that the West is in danger ‘because those who are supposed to have to defend the values of the West are co-opted by a vision of the world that inexorably leads to socialism, and thereby to poverty.’

The world should instead embrace ‘free enterprise capitalism’ to bring an end to world poverty.

It was a refreshing change for the conference.

Western leaders indeed used to believe in free-market capitalism. That system has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system in history.

President Milei then relayed the story of Argentina.  Years ago, it was an economic powerhouse and subsequently destroyed by socialism.  As he said, collectivism led to economic and social ruin.  I was reminded of my late father’s stories about Cuba and how socialism killed the island’s strong middle class, and made everyone poor.  I’m sure that a reader from Venezuela knows exactly what I’m talking about.