SHOCK: Troops from French Foreign Legion Killed in Ukraine


When Russian Army forces hit a hotel in Kharkov, Ukraine with a missile strike weeks ago, a number of military people were killed in that hotel.  What no one knew until today was that dozens of those troops were from the French Foreign Legion, and others were ACTIVE DUTY TROOPS from France, on “unpaid leave.”  The French Ambassador was summoned today to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

During that meeting, the Ambassador was asked why troops from the French Foreign Legion, and active duty troops from the French Army were in Ukraine to fight the Russian Army and why Russia should not simply declare that France is waging war upon Russia?

The Ambassador did not have a good answer.

Below, in brief video, the French Ambassador is shown leaving the Russian Foreign Ministry, seemingly quite angry, as he was barraged by media with questions as to why France is sending active duty troops to Ukraine.  The Ambassador did not answer the media questions.