After Wisconsin MassResistance raised the alarm: Catholic Diocese halts LGBT effort by two liberal Catholic churches

via In many places, the Catholic Church leadership is under fire by faithful Catholics for its unwillingness to oppose (or even for its complicity in) the LGBT agenda. But in Wisconsin, the Church leadership has stood tall. With help from our MassResistance activists in Kenosha, the Archbishop of Milwaukee ordered two local Catholic churches […]

Merry Christmas, bishops, from Nicaragua’s little dictator

by Monica Showalter at Is Nicaragua trying to outrun Cuba and Venezuela for the title of region’s nastiest communist regime? Here’s how dictator Daniel Ortega, the man the great Ronald Reagan once called “the little dictator,” celebrated his version of Christmas: According to El Pais of Spain: On Wednesday, December 20, the Nicaraguan police intercepted Bishop Isidro del Carmen […]