After Wisconsin MassResistance raised the alarm: Catholic Diocese halts LGBT effort by two liberal Catholic churches


In many places, the Catholic Church leadership is under fire by faithful Catholics for its unwillingness to oppose (or even for its complicity in) the LGBT agenda. But in Wisconsin, the Church leadership has stood tall. With help from our MassResistance activists in Kenosha, the Archbishop of Milwaukee ordered two local Catholic churches (and various Church officials) to cease and desist their involvement in a group pushing pornographic LGBT books on children.

Beginning last summer, our Wisconsin MassResistance chapter in Kenosha successfully pressured the local school system to remove several horrible pornographic LGBT books from the school libraries. This was applauded by parents.

But it angered the rabid pro-LGBT anti-family leftists who are obsessed with pushing their filthy material on children.

On Sept. 29, the MassResistance parents in Kenosha were shocked to read an article in the local newspaper. A coalition of local far-left churches calling itself “Congregations United to Serve Humanity” (CUSH) was collecting copies of the “banned” homosexual- and transgender-themed books pushing sexuality on children.

They told the newspaper that their collection will include graphic homosexual sex books such as Gender Queer and This Book is Gay. CUSH would then create a “traveling LGBTQ library” to make the books available to children across the city.

CUSH outrageously labeled their pornography effort as “Freedom to Read” (a phrase peddled by the American Library Association). In their public announcement, CUSH dishonestly mixed the LGBT books with so-called “banned” books from decades ago and “civil rights” books which parents have no problems with. But it was clear that their true intentions were to promote LGBT pornography to children.