Sexually Explicit 1998 Book by DDF Prefect Cardinal Fernandez Surfaces

by David Martin at

Asexually explicit 1998 book by Victor Manuel Cardinal Fernández, which says that ‘joyful experience of divine love’ doesn’t mean ‘that a homosexual will stop being homosexual,’ has surfaced (full story here).

The suggestion of course is that a life of grace embracing divine love is compatible with homosexuality. The book is loaded with highly illicit naughty-speak and confirms widespread allegations that Fernandez is an enemy who must be expelled from the Church. 

Making a Religion out of Sex

Fernandez who has a long-standing history of sexual obsession has written other like books, including one discussing a young woman’s sexual fantasy about having Christ as her lover, and he has helped write Pope Francis’ encyclicals and documents including his December 18 atrocity, Fiducia Supplicans, sanctioning the clerical blessing of homosexual couples.

Fernandez and many like him today are trying to make a religion out of sex, but people should understand that this present-day perverting of the Church is no accident but was carefully planned many years ago.

In 1974, a set of 34 directives for the destruction of the Catholic Church were accidentally leaked by the Masonic P2 Lodge in Italy (see link here). The sinister directives were first dispatched to lodge members in 1962 shortly before Vatican II. Consider directive #19:

“Burn all catechisms. Tell religion teachers to teach love of God’s people, instead of love of God. Tell them it is mature to love openly. Make sex a common word in Religion Classes. Make sex a new Religion.”