Autoworkers Union Gives Full-Throated Support To Biden EPA Rule That Could Kill Thousands Of Jobs

by WILL KESSLER at The United Auto Workers (UAW) came out in support of a change to a Biden administration auto emissions regulation that would force an electric vehicle (EV) transition and potentially end the need for thousands of autoworker jobs. The rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) delays some of the emission standards that […]

Joe Biden’s EV Mandate “Vision” For America Is In Full Collapse

by TYLER DURDEN at Color us not surprised, but another one of the Biden administration’s “visions” for forcing people to own electric vehicles isn’t working out exactly as planned. This time it deals with supply chain logistics, with Bloomberg reporting this week that in the year and a half since passing the Inflation Reduction Act, automakers are finding out […]

Arturo smells blackmail

By Silvio Canto at A few days ago, Jorge Ramos of Univision interviewed former Mexican ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan. His analysis of how President Andres Lopez-Obrador greeted the Biden delegation is sound: AMBASSADOR ARTURO SARUKHAN: President Biden fundamentally needs Mexican support and López Obrador knows it and on the one hand he is taking […]

A DuPont Calls Out Delaware’s Election Commissioner And President Joe Biden 

by Christine Dolan at Ben DuPont of the famous Delaware DuPont name has openly accused Delaware’s Election Commissioner Anthony Albence of “a scandal-worthy dereliction of duty” and reminded President Joe Biden, who hails from Delaware of violations of “his ethical obligation” and losing “credibility” if the president does not intervene.  DuPont has accused Albence […]