The Guy Who Shot Three “Palestinian” Students in Burlington … Was Pro Hamas!


We were quick like a bunny back in November when news broke that three Palestinian “students” had been shot in Burlington, Vermont. It became a national story when Biden, Harris, and even the jilted Bernie Sanders (twice left at the Presidential Primary Altar by the DNC) milked the attack for Mic time.

  • “President Biden issued a statement declaring that “there is absolutely no place for violence or hate in America.” (says divisive hate-monger Joe)
  • Vice President Kamala Harris’ statement bemoaned that “far too many people live with the fear that they could be targeted and attacked based on their beliefs or who they are” (like parents, conservatives, Christians, or cisgender women?).
  • The idea that three young men walking down the street get shot, perhaps because of no other reason than they are Palestinian, is unspeakable,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said.” But I gotta tell you, this is not just a local phenomenon; this is happening all over the country.”

Do you know what else is happening nationwide, Senator Sanders? Kids are dying in large numbers from fentanyl overdoses or gunfire in your common-sense Democrat cities—every day, not just some random Burlington day in November. But to the point about them being shot because they are Palestinian, why did that story just fade into the woodwork? It was hot for a few minutes, but a good shooting narrative always has legs, even in the short-attention-span universe. Unless?