The cannibals should sue Biden for defamation

by Silvio Canto Jr. at

It’s the story that keeps on giving — the one about President Biden saying that his Uncle Ambrose was on the menu when the cannibals of the Pacific had dinner circa 1944.

It didn’t take long for the Pentagon to correct the story. It turns out that Uncle Ambrose died in a crash and the cannibals had nothing to do with his disappearance. Anyone smell a class-action lawsuit here?

As Rick Moran points out, the appalling thing here is that the media went mute on the outrageous story:

It must be nice to be president. Every time you open your mouth, the world hangs on every word you utter.

“Ev’ry word that I speak goes in the headlines; When I speak, all the papers hold their deadlines,” penned Richard Rodgers and Moss Hart in their musical about FDR, ‘I’d Rather Be Right.” It must be a heady experience for a president.