TWO-TIERED JUSTICE: Radical Anti-Israel Activists Who Shut Down Golden Gate Bridge for Hours Released With No Charges

by Mike LaChance at

On Monday, radical left-wing anti-Israel protesters shut down the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in California for hours.

We are now learning that these people were released by authorities with no charges.

It’s a good thing these people weren’t Trump supporters or pro-life people peacefully praying outside an abortion clinic, or they might be in real trouble.

The New York Post reports:

Anti-Israel protesters who blocked Golden Gate Bridge for hours released without charges

More than two dozen anti-Israel protesters who snarled traffic on San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge were freed from jail Tuesday — because the city’s top prosecutor doesn’t have enough evidence to charge them.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins urged drivers delayed by the hours-long gridlock to contact police so they can “be alleged as a victim” — and so she can build a case against the 26 activists who blocked cars on the bridge Monday, according to CBS News.

Jenkins said she was sending the case back to the California Highway Patrol “for further investigation” into possible false imprisonment charges.

She said drivers, some of whom sat stranded on the span for more than four hours, should get in touch with the CHP so they can seek restitution, according to the SF Gate.

“Anyone who was falsely imprisoned on the Golden Gate Bridge on April 15, 2024, is urged to contact the California Highway Patrol,” Jenkins said in a press conference Tuesday.