Autoworkers Union Gives Full-Throated Support To Biden EPA Rule That Could Kill Thousands Of Jobs


The United Auto Workers (UAW) came out in support of a change to a Biden administration auto emissions regulation that would force an electric vehicle (EV) transition and potentially end the need for thousands of autoworker jobs.

The rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) delays some of the emission standards that were set to take place in 2027 through 2029, but instead toughens standards between 2030 and 2032 to reach the same goal in the same time frame. In its statement, the UAW espoused its support for a “cleaner domestic auto industry” and a “just” transition to EVs, but also called on the Biden administration to not use the rule as an excuse to cut American jobs.

“The EPA has made significant progress on its final greenhouse gas emissions rule for light-duty vehicles,” the UAW said in response to the rule change. “By taking seriously the concerns of workers and communities, the EPA has created a more feasible emissions rule that protects workers building [internal combustion engine] vehicles, while providing a path forward for automakers to implement the full range of automotive technologies to reduce emissions.”

The EPA estimates that between 23,200 and 29,900 jobs working on vehicles using the internal combustion engine will be lost due to the change, but also estimates that around 75,100 and 213,900 will be created in EV production, even though EVs require less labor to produce, according to an impact analysis of the rules.