High Schoolers Walk Out as Adults Push Transgenderism

by ALANA MASTRANGELO at breitbart.com

High school girls and boys are protesting the official push for shared restrooms at John Jay High School in San Antonio, Texas.

Students at John Jay High School staged a walkout on Monday in protest of students being allowed to use restrooms of the sex they identify with, rather than their actual biological sex, according to a report by Spectrum News 1.

“A bunch of people from our school, John Jay, feel uncomfortable,” John Jay High School student Shauna Neilan told the outlet. “We want to change that and give them their own spaces to make us more comfortable and them more comfortable.”

The protest reportedly sparked a counter protest that consisted of both adults and students in support of students using restrooms designated for the opposite sex.

The counterprotest was organized by Defense of Democracy, a nonprofit organization that claims its goal is to “educate the public about the value of inclusivity and the importance of emotional and physical safety for all individuals within the American public-school and library systems.”