Is Biden’s DOE Supporting New Union Jobs For His Phony Old Clean Energy Economy?

by Conor Coughlin at

Corporate media are loathe to report on Biden’s pathetic new efforts to unionize the green workforce over at his corrupt Dept of Energy, operated by his neurotic Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. Biden’s dim-witted Secretary Granholm had recently teamed up with the Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su, who is a past recipient of a “genius” grant from the MacArthur Foundation. The progressive MacArthur Foundation has now moved into the building trust industry, and the strengthening of Democracy after learning that half of the world’s population will have an election this year. Now their Uniparty bosses want to support an ‘educated’ workforce of Social Justice advocates, to replace people with actual skills-set needed rebuild America.

Suddenly, pushing for high-paying union construction jobs, has become the latest buzzword for saving Democracy for the New World Order gang. The propaganda ministry has taken its comical capitalism, to the next level of delusion by portraying antediluvian scholars like the Union of Concerned Scientist as trusted leaders that are creating election integrity jobs in America. Knowing full well their own 2024 Election Science Task Force is a complete joke, which includes several of the public officials at the center of several major election fraud claims. You aren’t supposed to question why these Hollywood inspired actors should be trusted, to promote the agenda of their dark overlords.

These are the same type of climate clowns, that have used their political connections to push through the weakest element of their greatest green victory. Massachusetts v. EPA, was based entirely on respected scientific opinions of the so-called ‘experts’ from their own private organizations. These shadowy green groups didn’t have to convince the American people that their science was sound, they only had to get U.S. judges to play along with their charade of “Settled Science” for a few big stakeholders.

Private organizations like the Natural Resource Defense Council, are always being presented as the favorite corporate environmentalist outfits for state bureaucrats, UN Oil Sheikhs, and military defense contractors that need get dirty deeds whitewashed for their media pals. In which major project clean-ups projects can be delayed indefinitely, as bureaucrats loot various public budgets to create the sense that some type of progress is taking place.

As local politicians then played the role of world leaders, with failed environmental initiatives like the non-binding U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement introduced in back 2005 by Seattle’s Greg Nickels. Earning Mayor Nickels’ a coveted EPA award, for program that was known to be a complete failure in terms of actually reducing GHG emissions by 2006. Looting budgets with green-washing schemes, has become the greatest progressive legacy of all time.

That utterly failed Mayors initiative then went global, as major clean-up projects went nowhere. Like the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, that was used for sixty years as a government-sponsored rocket and nuclear testing complex. The site was a Witch’s Brew of toxic poisons, that a 2007 agreement mandated clean-up implied should be brought up to “resident with garden” standards. That clean-up was supposed to be completed by 2017, but by 2021 the leftist media had discovered their green politicians hadn’t even begun the clean-up in earnest. Stopping climate change has never been more profitable for lawyers, employing legal tactics to delay ‘Social Justice’ equity.

The ‘Santa Susana’ problem allegedly began in 1959, when a nuclear reactor suffered a partial melt-down that had contaminated portions of their hilltop facility. That incident, and a couple others reactor accidents at that California complex weren’t disclosed until 1979. Boeing now owns the site, but the clean-up is said to be in the hands of NASA and the Dept of Energy. Nobody in government wants to rush a start for toxic clean-up project, until all the lawyers had formed a consensus on the anticipated outcome of their efforts. Which they believe is to protect the most endangered species in the region, that didn’t include the health and welfare of its own local citizens.

These are the same bureaucratic agencies that have been involved with the EPAs new Portland Harbor Superfund project, that allegedly started back in 2017. After they had spent about a hundred years of studying the sources of the pollution, the EPA was now ready to protect the poor and downtrodden from the toxic waste placed in the waters of the Columbia River long ago.

EPA boss Gina McCarthy was introducing a a unique type of Restoration Credits, for their newest Superfund project on January 3, 2017. These credits are said to be like ecological “shares”, for the members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities that had been selected to assist this EPA toxic waste restoration project. What self-respecting BIPOC activist wouldn’t jump at that opportunity?

Americans shouldn’t count on bureaucrats starting that clean-up efforts anytime soon. Their still training their new employees on the use of proper technical terminology, which include selecting the correct pronoun preferences required to meet government DEI policy guidelines. This definitely isn’t considered a case of mindless tunnel-vision by elites, its viewed as the only correct pathway for wealth creation by the radical professors at the universities of lower expectations.

Lost in that Orwellian dream-scape of delusion, was a new government-led union organizing efforts to unite Progressive as new workforce for justice. Spin doctors for the WEF, conveniently failed to report on the surreal evolution of the United Auto Workers (UAW). Which had once represented real workers, that had been engaged the manufacturing of actual products. Now the manufactured product was the union worker, manufactured by bureaucrats to give the impression of worker solidarity.

Back in July of 2022, the former UWA for auto workers amended its Constitution. That was no minor adjustment conducted to bring better working conditions on behalf of their skilled workforce. It was a purely political action, taken to expand the Democrat’s vision of government collective bargaining agreements.

The new ‘UAW’ is now the UNITED AUTOMOBILE, AEROSPACE AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT WORKERS OF AMERICA. Corporate news outlets were quick to report on how this newly branded UAW, had recently won a major union victory for worker rights at a Volkswagen factory in the state of Tennessee.

Fake News outlets continued to refer to the UAW as representing common auto workers, while downplaying their cousins engaged in Biden’s new Agricultural Implement Workers industry. Which are presented on equal footing as the poor and downtrodden Aerospace workers, that have been forced to work in horrendous conditions under lucrative government contracts.

The media can’t talk about these newer UAW’s union members, because the Agricultural Implement Workers industry was a total myth. The Liars Club also won’t talk about the new Aerospace workers, because someone might accidentally report on the conditions at Elon Musk’s new SpaceX center. Which is located on Boca Chica beach, in the environmentally-friendly state of Texas.

No word on if UWA’s new social justice labor representatives, will be representing worker rights in a shady land-swap deal under consideration by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. That might confuse the super-hip corporate environmentalist in Austin, pushing the transparent economic agenda of the Bush political dynasty.

Its really not as if any of these issues actually matter. Because government-owned unions, don’t actually need to represent the rights of workers at all. The State’s sole interest in the negotiating process, is lend credibility for labor-binding agreements that conducted on behalf of the large stakeholders for the various corporations.

This would include the State-Owned Enterprises, like the lucrative ENERGY STAR® program begun by the former CIA Director George H W Bush back in 1992. That would also be the same DOE program, that Bill Clinton mandated for use by every sub-division of the government in 1993. Which turned Bush’s environmentalism in a giant Pay-To-Play racket, allowing corrupt bureaucrats to market phony “certified” energy-efficiency savings as a multi-billion dollar investment opportunity to Globalist.

These were purely imaginary electrical savings, created when Energy Secretary William Chu released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines in 2009. Which directed bureaucrats to claim ENERGY STAR® products saved 25% to 50% more savings than identical products lacking DOE’s bogus logo sticker. An average twelve-year-old kid wouldn’t have been fooled by that logic, but thousands of college students might.

Last week the Student Researchers United group join the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Workers of America union. These pathetic student researchers from the University of California, had joined the union to advocate for increased research funding, fair visa and immigration policies in the US, and safer, more just working environments in all academic institutions. The part-time workers are seeking financial benefits from labor contracts, negotiated in ‘good faith’ by representatives in an entirely different trade.

These are Socialist parasites, feeding off the past history of a skilled workforce.

Americans shouldn’t assume the Student Researchers United union members will support equitable treatment of any UC employees that fails to align with the social justice practices. This group includes intensely antisemitic “boycott, divestment, and sanctions” (BDS) activities against Israel. No person with any religious values should ever believe that the LGBTQ+ gang, will be working to improve their lives. Or would ever allow them to feel like a fellow union member deserving of equal protection under the law.

These fools have no more understanding of labor rights, than they do of human rights.

This Democrat-run social justice farce is compounded by the fact, every government institute is trying to implement the same totally unconstitutional laws that openly discriminates against all citizens. The Liars Club knows that only the top 1% of globalist, would support pushing this type of sick business model. So the media will need to be working overtime, just to keep the public in the dark about the organizing of Biden’s radical workforce. The elites know if their corrupt media can’t once again ‘save’ the Presidential election, their twisted form of dark Democracy will be flushed down the proverbial toilet by America First supporters in 2024