Forced birthers see Trump as key to national abortion ban

by Joan McCarter at While some Republican candidates, like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, really don’t want to talk about abortion bans and Republican strategists are trying to change the subject to contraception, forced birth activists aren’t going to let them. They will make a national abortion ban an issue for 2024, including for Donald Trump. Trump has […]

“This Might Be The Biggest Lie Of The Year From Biden Regime”

by TYLER DURDEN at Had the Biden administration prioritized southern border security, significant efforts to resolve the crisis would likely have been completed by now instead of peddling blatant lies and half-truths to deflect the blame for their disastrous open border policies that have flooded the nation with millions of illegals (and individuals on […]

Newest House investigation into Biden targets his ‘climate corps’

by Nick Pope at Daily Caller News Foundation The House Oversight and Accountability Committee is seeking answers and information from AmeriCorps about President Joe Biden’s “American Climate Corps” (ACC) program, according to a letter sent by the Committee obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. The Friday letter to AmeriCorps CEO Michael Smith, signed by Committee […]

‘Dream Candidate For China’: Former Intelligence Director Warns China Will ‘Intensify Efforts’ On Voters To Help Biden

  by HAILEY GOMEZ at  Former Director of National Intelligence John Radcliffe warned Sunday that China will push to help President Joe Biden for the 2024 election, stating that he’s the “dream candidate for China.” Radcliffe appeared on “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo” to discuss the growing relationship between China and the Biden administration. Host Maria […]

Kirby Goes Into Rapid-Fire Talking Point Mode When Asked To Name Biden’s Biggest Foreign Policy Achievement

by REAGAN REESE at White House national security spokesperson John Kirby listed off a variety of talking points Thursday after being asked to name President Joe Biden’s biggest foreign policy achievement of 2023. “Since we don’t get to ask him ourselves, we would’ve last night maybe if he would’ve stuck around a little while, […]