Is California’s Klamath River Dam Removal a Ghoulish Experiment?

by Katy Grimes at In 2018, plans were released to destroy the Klamath River dam system by American Rivers, an environmental non-profit which claims “up to 85% of the dams in this country are unnecessary, harmful and even dangerous.” The removal of dams along the Klamath River in Siskiyou County, Northern California was sold as necessary to save salmon – specifically, […]

Why California’s climate disclosure law should doom green energy

via California prides itself on being a leader with respect to tackling climate change.  This is because they believe, albeit on shaky scientific grounds, that their citizens “already” face devastating consequences inflicted on them by manmade global warming – including wildfires, sea level rise, drought, climate refugees, and other impacts that “threaten their health […]

California’s Race-Based Amber Alert System Is Crazy, and Possibly Unconstitutional

  by Leslie Eastman at The trouble with covering California is that there is so much crazy coming from Sacramento, it is like one of our dams. There are hundreds of potential items of poor policy and ridiculous rule-making leaking from the state capital that is flooded with unintended consequences and richly deserved mockery. […]

Next up from Team Biden: Free college for illegals?

by Monica Showalter at For all his talk about wanting to get the border crisis under control, Joe Biden is still holding out fresh goody bags for the illegals. Sure, California is offering them free health care and New York is offering them free $1,000 debit cards handed out on the honor system that they’ll only be used […]

Two Racial Grievance Girls: Michelle and Meghan

by Victoria White Berger at How much do Meghan Markle, duchess of Sussex, and Michelle Obama, ex–first lady, have in common?  It’s odd how much, yet how little of distinction or substance is in that muchness — given the strong hints of vacuity in both women, and in spite of the gushing excesses of […]

As US and China mark 45 years of diplomatic ties, top diplomat Wang Yi warns against confrontation and ‘zero-sum games’

by Kawala Xie at The US and China should not head towards confrontation over their differences but should remove barriers to cooperation, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said as the two sides marked the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties. Speaking in Beijing on Friday at an event commemorating the anniversary of the establishment of US-China relations, China’s […]