L.A. Wants to Give Illegal Aliens Badges and Guns to Police Americans

by Warner Todd Huston at lidblog.com

The Los Angeles Police Dept. is now hoping to allow illegal aliens to become armed police officers so they can detain and arrest Americans. This is how liberals intend to subjugate Americans, folks.

The state of California already passed rules two years ago allowing illegals to be hired as police officers, but now they also want to give them guns so they can take down Americans.

You read that right. Now California wants to allow people who broke out laws to enter this country, who have gotten away with not paying taxes, who likely grew up on welfare, who have no legal right to even own a gun in their civilian lives, and who have no love or connection to this country, to go out with guns to arrest American citizens.

Per Just the News:

Under state and federal law, illegal immigrants are prohibited from having firearms. However, DACA recipients are allowed to carry firearms in the course of their law enforcement duties. The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners unanimously approved a policy outline detailing how DACA recipients can carry their firearms off the job based on the fact that a police officer is effectively on-duty 24/7.

Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners “unanimously approved” the outline of a policy that would allow DACA recipients the capacity to carry a firearm off the job, which has been largely prohibited by law because DACA recipients are not United States citizens.